Welcome to the 25th Annual Summer Seminar in Santa Barbara!

Strand F: Standards-Based Lesson Design

Facilitators: Tonja Byrom and Carla Forchini

Upon completion of this strand, participants will be able to:

1-Understand and articulate the benefits of target language instruction and lesson design for preparing students for college and career success

2-Design a communication-based lesson/unit that integrates state and national WL standards, CCSS for ELA/Literacy, all three modes of communication, and the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines/Levels

3-Utilize their expanded repertoire of standards- and communication-based strategies/tools to design proficiency-oriented instruction that promotes 21st Century Skills in World Language

4-Design proficiency-oriented and standards-based formative and summative assessments, including Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs), rubrics/checklists, and student self-assessments

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Carla Forchini is a passionate and dedicated teacher of World Languages, who will begin her 21st year in the classroom this Fall. She is credentialed in both Spanish and Italian, and is a National Board Certified Teacher of World Languages Other than English. She currently teaches 1st year Spanish, AP/4th year Spanish, and 1st year Italian through AP Italian at Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, California. She is an avid traveller, baseball fanatic, and outdoor enthusiast. Besides her passion for teaching and learning, she also enjoys networking with other World Language teachers either on Twitter (@cforchini) or at World Language conferences & workshops. She is the Region 1 Coordinator for the Capital World Language Project, in addition to serving on the CLTA Board as the affiliate representative for North Coast Language Teachers Association of the Redwood Empire.

Tonja Pic 2012.jpg
Tonja Byrom is an enthusiastic and reflective educator who is dedicated to improving student achievement and success. She is an experienced Spanish teacher with a Master Degree in Education. She has taught English to exchange students, Spanish to adult learners, and high school Spanish to grades 9-12. Additionally, she has worked collaboratively with teachers throughout California on aligning teaching with the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning, has experience in K-12 curriculum development, and has been a workshop facilitator for the central valley subject matter project, SLICC, for three years. Tonja has been very active in local and state professional organizations, including KCLTA, CLTA, and CWLP/SLICC. She is the current CLTA Secretary.

Mrs. Byrom is employed by CSU Fullerton where she teaches general methods in secondary education, special methods for teaching world language, and supervises world language credential candidates. In her free time, Tonja enjoys spending time with her family at the beach, museums, and Disneyland.